Iā€™m easy to work with.

Clients who love me hold several attributes in common. Is this you? 

  • You see storytelling as core to growing the work you've started and engaging the people who need you most

  • You value excellence, intimacy, professionalism and honesty throughout an engagement

  • You maintain an inner compass that guides your life and work - either implicitly or explicitly

  • You desire stories that are true in every sense: authentic, finely crafted, deep, differentiating and engaging

Clients who love me also appreciate preparation and a clear process for working together that includes:

  • Gaining mutual understanding of corporate, organizational or personal objectives (could be growth, visibility, validation, market leadership or all of these)

  • A thorough analysis of existing research, legacy stories, brand positioning or personal trajectory matched to audiences you're trying engage

  • Concepting that offers you options and collaborative entry points for establishing a story or series of stories

  • On-time, on-budget delivery of written and visual stories matched to clear reporting and communication throughout the process

  • Killer work that fulfills the promise of the collaboration

I work directly with companies, non-profits and individuals.

I partner well with ad and marketing agencies, brand strategy consultants, designers and creative producers and production companies, 

Sound like you? Let's talk!