Alignable. Story.

Stories. They’re a big part of our digital fabric particularly at the intersection of brands and marketing. I was invited by Alignable to share my take on the three most important pieces of content that can tell corporate stories. Check the link here:

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No. Apology.

A writing mentor once gave me a journal. It featured this image of a Walker Evans print from his collaboration with James Agee on the book Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. She wrote that my storytelling should always begin with my mother. In reality, she meant for me to see, understand and learn from women. Today, some takeaway.

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Brand. Strategy.

It’s the most misunderstood two-word phrase in marketing and advertising. Let’s explore it together, and you’ll begin to understand how to seize the power, depth and authenticity you crave for your product, service or organization.

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Scott Gleeson BlueComment
Beautiful. Blazers.

By smoothly engaging in literate, hilarious, technically savvy, myth-making discussion of the English Premier League and international competition blended with a stoking of the sport's history and its personalities in the U.S., Men in Blazers has filled a créneau long missing in the American conversation. Yet during this season of the World Cup, and to me, they are something more. 

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Father's Dayafter

My son heals me. He taps my own longing for learning everything, seeing everything, being everything, exploring everything. He teaches me. He and his mom are the ones who are constantly telling me to be me, to play, to tell the stories that drive passion and connection in my own soul.

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